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Brechfa Forest Energy Action Group (BFEAG) was founded as a result of the widespread concern within the community about proposals to build additional industrial scale wind farms in the Brechfa Forest area.

One industrial wind farm has already been built adjacent to Brechfa Forest, more than 70 additional 145 m (476 ft) high turbines are now being planned to be built in the forest and adjoining land. RWE npower are proposing TWO separate wind turbine developments - Brechfa West (28 turbines) will be decided by the Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC) and Brechfa East (12 turbines) by the Carmarthenshire County Council. RES has lodged an indication of a large development on Mymydd Llanllwni which will be decided also by the IPC and may be over 30 turbines but no further details are available yet.

What can I do?

At this early stage in the process, the most important point is to ensure all who will be representing the interests of the local community in the consultation process are aware of our concerns.

It can be very time consuming to find out the contact details and write separate letters to all of the local and national politicians, power company representative, forestry commission and planning officers dealing with these types of developments. But obviously members of the community wish to ensure their views are taken into account. We have set up a simple form on this website and will forward your comments on to the full list of consultees.

What other options exist to combat climate change?

Brechfa Forest Energy Action Group fully supports the Forestry Commissions preferred option of using the forests for carbon capture. We also support development of renewable energy projects within the Brechfa Forest area which are carefully planned to ensure they do not have a negative impact on the communities or environment.